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my-Warehouse Management Software - different packages for different requirements

Our Cloud warehouse management software offers different packages at different prices. An overview of the packages of the inventory management software can be found a little further down on this page. All packages work on the same database. So an upgrade to higher packages of the warehouse management software is easy and uncomplicated.
We are happy to provide you a free demo access to our warehouse management software. Please feel free to contact us via the contact form or simply by mail.
If you miss a function in our warehouse management software, please contact us. We are always open for new functional ideas and expand our warehouse management software constantly and gladly. Our warehouse management software is structured in such a way that customer-specific adaptations can also be implemented (at cost) can be. If you have any questions about the warehouse management s oftware or extensions/adaptations please feel free to contact us.
This warehouse management software is a cloud warehouse management software. You can access your stocks, orders and stock movements via the Internet anytime and anywhere. Your data are protected against access by unauthorized persons by login with user name, password and a customer number.
A strict separation of the data of different customers within the Cloud warehouse management software ensures a high level of data security. Security by Design stood by the development of the Cloud warehouse management software always in first place.

Since the beginning of 2020 there is a version of our cloud warehouse management software specially adapted to the needs of body and paint shops: KAROSTORE. KAROSTORE offers an automatic ordering of replenishment from suppliers by mail. A detailed description for our industry software for body and paint shops can be found at KAROSTORE.de.

Your requirements scale the power of our Warehouse Management Software!

WMS - Accounting

  • Check  Single user system
  • Check  Part master data
  • Check  Storage master data (ID/Name)
  • Check  Summarized stock management per part and storage bin
  • Check  Add stock to storage bin (via barcode scan)
  • Check  Remove stock from storage bin (via barcode scan)
  • Check  Inventory list
  • Check  Inventory posting
  • Check  Stock movement journal
  • Check  Print barcodes
11,90 € monthly
(incl. 19% VAT)
(10,00 € net)
monthly terminable

WMS - Paper


  • Check  Incl. all functions from WMS - Accounting
  • Add  Multi user system
  • Add  Authorization system according to user groups
  • Add  Container/pallet type master data
  • Add Management of containers/pallets
  • Add  Management of batches
  • Add  Inbound order (label with bar code confirmation)
  • Add  Ontbound/picking orders by user selection
  • Add  Pick order (label with bar code confirmation)
  • Add  Outbound order (label with bar code confirmation)
29,75 € monthly
(incl. 19% VAT)
(25,00 € net)
monthly terminable

WMS - Mobile

  • Check  Incl. all functions from WMS - Paper
  • Add  Processing transports supported by PDC device(s)
  • Add  Support of different resolutions/devices
  • Add  Managing PDC orders
  • Add  Creating and handling of classical commissions with several positions
  • Add  Inventory stock taking by PDC support
  • Add  Automatic commission reservation (creating picks)

297,50 € monthly
(incl. 19% VAT)
(250,00 € net)
monthly terminable

WMS - Mobile VDA

  • Check  Incl. all functions from WMS - Mobile
  • Add  Goods receipt posting by scanning of VDA 4902 label
  • Add  Traceability of VDA label data in the Stock movement journal (e. g. batch traceability)
  • Add  Possibility to implement an interface (according to development effort)

1190,00 € monthly
(incl. 19% VAT)
(1.000,00 € net)
monthly terminable

my-Fenix-Warehouse-Management-Software - Edition WMS Accounting

my-Fenix-Warehouse-Management-Software - Edition WMS Accounting

The warehouse management software in the WMS Accounting package is a basic version which provides simple stock accounting. It is possible to post articles to a storage bin. Storage bins can have a name or warehouse coordinates for identification. Barcode labels can be printed for the storage bins. Various print formats are available. There is an add-on and a debit function for stock. The bookings can also be made with a scanner by simple barcode scanning. All stock movements are logged in a stock journal for tracing and analysis.
The reason for an additional posting or debiting of warehouse stock is not recorded. There are no data-technical orders that, for example, allow a reference to the whereabouts of the debited articles.
Stocks are totaled per article and storage bin. Batch management is is not possible in this package.
Inventory taking is possible. Stock corrections due to a physical inventory count are logged.

my-Fenix-Warehouse-Management-Software - Edition WMS Paper

my-Fenix-Warehouse-Management-Software - Edition WMS Paper

The WMS Paper warehouse management software package contains all the functions of the WMS Accounting package. In addition, there are functions for operating a document controlled warehouse. In addition, the cloud warehouse management software, starting with the WMS Paper package, is a multi-user system. The administrator can create and assign users to a user group. Access authorizations can be defined for each user group.
Starting with the WMS Paper package, the warehouse management software offers the possibility of storing individual pallets or containers of different types. The user decides in which storage location a container will be stored. The system does not control any physical conditions and therefore offers full flexibility.
Batch management is possible by managing the individual containers. Individual containers can also be blocked for removal from storage. These containers are then displayed as blocked in the function for specific stock removal, which offers a selection of the stocks of an article, and cannot be designated for stock removal.
The basic sort order of the stock removal list corresponds to the FIFO sequence derived from the storage date.
The warehouse management software provides for requesting a complete container for complete retrieval. Alternatively, partial quantity withdrawals by picking are also possible.
Transport labels or picking labels are created for all movements. These can be printed and sent to the warehouse as work orders. After the physical transfers/withdrawals have been carried out, the goods movement is confirmed in the system. This confirmation finally updates the previously reserved flows/stock changes and records them in the posting/flow journal.

my-Fenix-Warehouse-Management-Software - Edition WMS Mobile

my-Fenix-Warehouse-Management-Software - Edition WMS Mobile

In the WMS Mobile package, the warehouse management software offers the possibility of online bookings with MDE devices. Various resolutions are available for the interface of PDC units. This makes the customer flexible with the devices used. Since the PDC version of the warehouse management software is a Web application, a modern browser must be available on the devices.
In package WMS Mobile, the transport orders or picking orders that are printed in package Paper are displayed online on the PDC units. The overview shows the type of order and the time of entry. The control station can also assign a priority manually. This allows the forklift drivers to make use of this pool of orders. The system does not specify which forklift has to process which order.
In addition, the warehouse management software with the WMS Mobile package for the first time offers the recording of classic orders with several positions. This can be customer orders, production orders or similar. The selective removal from the WMS Paper package is also available.
The orders entered can, if desired, automatically reserve stocks for stock removal/picking. This automatically creates complete stock removal orders and picking orders for the PDC units. Orders can also be reserved by manually selecting warehouse stocks.
Inventory counts can also be carried out online with PDC units. This ensures that the progress of the inventory is always up-to-date in the warehouse management software.

my-Fenix-Warehouse-Management-Software - Edition WMS Mobile VDA

my-Fenix-Warehouse-Management-Software - Edition WMS Mobile VDA

The WMS Mobile VDA package concentrates on the required additional functions for Warehouse management software for companies in the automotive industry. In addition to the functions of the WMS Mobile package, it is also possible to use VDA 4902 labels.
A program module is added to the PDC units that allows you to read the barcode information of a VDA 4902 Label at goods receipt into the warehouse management software. This information is stored in the stocks and in the stock journal. A batch printed by the supplier on the VDA label is thus automatically processed with into the warehouse management software. By logging in the stock journal, you can also trace which vendor batch was used for which production or sales order. Alternatively, the traceability can also be determined by the package number of the supplier, the supplier number and the delivery note number or the production number of the VDA label.
In the package WMS Mobile VDA there is the possibility to implement a (automatic) interface to another system for a one-time fee (depending on development effort). Interfaces to an ERP/PPS system or a JIS system are conceivable here. In this way, JIT/JIS retrievals from the automotive industry, for example, could be automatically imported into the warehouse management software as orders.